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Thank you for considering Kebalo Inspection Services LLC to do your home inspection.  I understand that buying a home can be a stressful and huge financial decision.  Choosing an experienced home inspector could be the difference between buying a home that will serve you and your family for many years to one that may be a money pit.       

 A little about Mr. Kebalo

   Andy Kebalo has decades of experience in the home construction field as a builder.  In addition to being a Licensed Home Inspector HOI; Mr. Kebalo is licensed as an E-1 Electrician, P-7 Plumber and holds a State of CT Health Dept. Sub-Surface Sewage Installers License   Mr. Andy Kebalo graduated South Windsor High and earned his BS from CCSU in the field of Construction Management. Initially after college, worked in property maintenance for a commercial developer.  In 1990 along with his brother Walt, formed Kebalo Electric Co. Inc., a CT Electrical Contracting Company, which is still in existence today. In 2001 to 2009, started KF Construction Co. as a real estate developer and built condos and single family homes.  In 2016 Mr. Kebalo started his home inspection career.

 You would be getting a thorough, above average home inspection.

Let me know if I can be a service to you in any way.


Thank you,


Andy Kebalo, Kebalo Inspection Services LLC


Home inspections, which can include Radon, water testing, wood destroying insects.


Foundation Inspections, I have teamed up with a Structural Engineer to provide foundation inspection, which is now required for every house purchased after February 1st 2019.


Electrical Service Inspections which cover residential and commercial and can include service inspections required for the power company to reinstall power meter.


 Pre-closing inspections, which is not a full home inspection and is not intended to replace one, however gives the buyer piece of mind that repairs were done correctly and the basic systems that are part of a house are functioning properly.  It will include cursory inspections of the exterior, roof, interior, venting/insulation, heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and structural.  Not included in a pre-closing inspection is radon, water testing, septic systems, wood boring, well systems and mold testing. A verbal report will be given at the end of the inspection. 


Pre-Listing Consultation, economical and more condensed than a full inspection.  Typically done for the seller to make them aware of any potential issues and proactively address them before going to market.


Pre-Offer Consultation, more condensed than a full inspection.  Typically done for the buyer prior to making an offer on a home which often saves money, time and is also  useful with an as-is sale.

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